Days of never ending darkness.

For those of you who werent at the first game (for those who were skip this post)

There are a few small details you missed if you misseed the last game.

1.) You missed the Story of our Gods (Called The Immortal), which tells the story of our world (mainly just fillier, but it gives a unique look into our pasts, and allows you all to think of your dietys more wisely, pluss it explains why Elves hate all races… which brings us to the main topic of the story.

2.) Your old friend Soarn invited you all to a small town called Brindol where he has ultimately stoped his andventuring years and wishes that you all come and meet him in the bar named:The Forgotten Five, for he has somthing to request of you before he dies. When you all get there his appearance had changed much in these past years, hor he had now lost a leg and his voice rasped with age he looked into you eyes and asked you all one thing “please come together, despite your differences, and become an adventuring band to stop the Red Hand before the get out of control” (Yes, i know its stupid, it sounds awefully like Black Hand but i didnt choose the name) when asked about the the Red Hand he Tells a tale of a war not but 20 years ago where the goblins gathered together and attacked the town, and he suspects that they are gathering in numbers. Which are due to dightings of goblins sighted in the woords and poorly painted red hands on ruins in the mountains.Then when his story comes to an end, multiple goblins broke into the bar and started to burn it down, and it wasnt until a few many moments latter did the PC’s find themselves at an awkward situation. A burned down bar,.... well more like the whole town… stolen artifacts from the old Red Hand War, and seven missing people.So the town called together a meeting and asked the adventurers to go save the prisoners and .. umm… not that it matters THAT much but they want their treasure back and are willing to pay for both of them. As they exited the town hall meeting they saw a peculiar sight, an elf riding a black horse and in the garb of the The Trinity Empire rolled up and proceded to throw down (Jakes Character) place his boot on his head, and readied his wand to kill him… if it hadent been for Landon who stoped him saying that Jake was…. nessessary….. when asked what his purpose was in town he told Landon that he was here to tell the town that if they had been in controll everything would have been just fine, but because they refuse bad things just must have to happen to the town of Brindol.They then proceded to inerigate a gnome for location to his comrads, and with lucky success he told them they were in the catacombs of Rivenroar (where the dead from the war were buried.) So they succeded very skillfully to track down the lair where the goblins were hiding, and get inside to begin their mission, but sadly their time was limited in the caverns of Rivenroar, it takes 8 hours from town to get there. Then ontop of that, if you wish to go home at night you have to pass through The Gloom Wood (not a fun place u might guess0 So they managed to save one prisoner, bring her home and get some money out of it. Not without a price however, Micks character lost his left arm, so much profit was lost. However, the town gave them two horses a cart and some other supplies (See Supplies and Items in the other section of the Obsidian File.)They then managed the next day to go back to Rivenroar (now in 6 hours do to their horses) and save one other prisoner, who was suffering from filth feaver, and was being held captive in a room with a drug addict gnome AND a trap that sprang flesh eating lizards, who managed to bite the left side of Jakes face PRETTY BADLY… but allas they managed to get the prisoner home safely, get paid and this is where we stoped. Any questions about the layout of the history of our world, the races etc, just ask me AND if u plan on coming for the game on the 20th (tommorow) please tell me what your character is so i can fit him logically in the story, not just: “hey guys im cool and i want in”... cz thats dumb.



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