Days of never ending darkness.

The darkness must come defore the rising dawn.

The mist continued to spray out of the druids hands, and the room soon fell into a deep mist…. All were blinded, except the hero’s Valor and Zora, who were the ever most present heroes in the ending of the fight against the villainous leader of goblins: Sinruth. Through this cloud of fog he used his chain whip as a guide, to find his enemy’s where he could not see, and this is how he struck down Zorah, like Udyr the Mighty, she fell into the blackness that is unconsciousness. Upon which Sinruth flung himself around her, pinning her neck between the floor and his elbow, poised to end her life at any second. If Valor hadn’t delved into the mind of his enemy. For, Valor felt fear, and an urge to survive, and like most goblins when faced with death, he knew that Sinruth would do anything to ensure he wouldn’t die, so they struck a deal. Sinruth vowed to leave this place, and not bother them for as long as he could, and to tell them everything he knew about where the last prisoner was….IF…..and only if…. the cleric, which he knew he could heal with a flask he had present, would promise to him that he would go unharmed. This was cunning on Sinruth’s side, for he was an older goblin, one more knowledgeable in the old ways of good clerics, which had soon disappeared in our modern time, and he knew a promise a cleric made… they were forced to keep….. so the deal was struck.. and Sinruth handed over three more pieces of the missing treasure from the town and spilled what he knew in brutal honesty.. “I know that the last prisoner we had, we gave to ….. the thing… in the chamber to the far right that you passed to find me, for there is some darkness that derives itself in there.. we know not who or what it is.. but it is pure evil.. it sends Skeletons, Ettercap, and Rat Lycantherope to us as emissary’s… and most dangerous of all.. we fear IT has a demon on the other side of that door… If you wish to save the prisoner, know that you must do it quickly, for I fear the worst for him….” Sinruth also told the details about how he actually isn’t the true leader of the Red Hand, hes a second in command. The main leader lives in a tower of some sort not far off from the Rivenroar catacombs. He also told how they shouldn’t be worried about right now, because of you all, their numbers are depleted and he felt they would soon dissolve….. and with that… the dangerous, yet honorable Sinruth left….and that was last of him…. for now.


This storyline was epic Darkdeeds. Had a good time man. Can’t wait for the next one.


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