Days of never ending darkness.

where are we needed most and what can we handle?

They stood outside the for-looming door that held the last prisoner, and supposedly the worst creature inside the keep… a demon… anxiety began to settle in… “Alright…. we have to handle this one way or another” Lucan said allowed breaking the silence… we need to save this last prisoner.. of course all knew deep down that perhaps his only desire was for money but he did have a point, this had to be done.. then least expectantly out of all of them Stein proposed the idea that they rush in and get the boy as fast as possible, without a conflict with the demon himself.. then as all came to the conclusion that this idea was the best the door was opened and the labyrinth lay ahead… As they ventured through the caverns they fought evil beings that guarded the halls:corpses that once protected the keep from intruders like the demon but had inevitably befallen an ill fate at some point, only to be used as the twisted creatures they were now. In the fight Stein was bitten and had been stricken by a curse of Filth Feaver… which was getting progressively worse… so they gave him a horse, money and a note that was intended to tell the village that he needed aid if he couldn’t remain awake the whole ride to town.. It inevitably turned out that way and after he had paid the apothecary and began to leave he heard a commotion outside and as he flung the door open he saw elves carrying screaming sacks, and dragging children into the Gloomwood.. and there stood the most for-looming elf he had ever laid his eyes upon.. the wind blew the elf’s hair and cloak like the gusts of an autumn wind blow shut the shutters of the houses and his visage was so clean yet as horrid as the death he carried with him… his arm outstretched and there landed his companion… and a nickname he had been given, a White Hawk…. he turned and fled into the forest as fast as the arrow flies….. and he was gone… As the heroes inevitably scramble on their way out of the for-looming door and the labyrinth within, they saved the boy and began to muster the rest of the rescued prisoners to leave… with beaten backs and hurt bodies they turned on the Riven Roar Catacombs without having cleared it of its demon but putting a ward on it only to delay the evil fe elves… or another time… As they approached the town of Brindle a mob had broken out for the sake of the town… arguments had been put in place, one man suggested to turn Brindle over to the elves because they could protect the town… and others blamed the elves saying that the elves had stolen the children… but again the heroes were called upon.. to hunt down theses slavers and get the children back…. SLAVERS…. the word rang in Udyr’s ears,,, he turned to stein and demanded their leaders description…...... and he realized these were the slavers that took him from his family…. and so the hunt began for the White Hawk Slavers….



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