• Briar Wildenheart

    Briar Wildenheart

    As a young boy, Briar lived with his twin sister in his originall clan loated within the GlowPride Forest. At the time, there would be this one human trader that would visit often, trading his goods every now and then when he would receive the chance. The
  • Udyr


    He has tattoos runniing up his right side to his arm and has a weird mark on his left shoulder.
  • Valor


    A beautiful snow elf eladrin with a strange magical aura around him that is indistinguishable. He seems to burdon himself noticably by looking around in strange places and seems to be afraid of the cold although it is well known he was born in it.
  • Vero B. Nicarias

    Vero B. Nicarias

    a young eladrin who still has alot to learn about the world.